Large Posters -1 sided

Large Posters

Posters are lightweight signs which are typically used in entertainment to announce a special event. They are cool-looking, fun and often kept during long periods of time.

Product Specs

Sizes: 12X24, 12X36, 12X48, 12X60, 16X20, 20X24, 22X28, 24X24,
24X36, 24X48, 36X36, 36X48, 48X48
Colour: Full colour on 1 side (front only) 4/0
 8pt card stock 
Quantities: Ranges from 1 to 10
Coating Options:
Turnaround: 2-4 business days for production. Shipping time depends on shipping method and location.

Price Calculator

Total : C$ 26.64
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Estimated Total : C$ 26.64


12 X 241C$ 26.64
2C$ 39.12
3C$ 51.62
4C$ 64.10
5C$ 76.60
6C$ 89.08
7C$ 101.56
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